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Article Black Tar Dipped Bricks, Car Tyres Being Used As Fuel In Stoves For Room Heating in Ulaanbaatar The health implications of the pollution are shocking. Levels of premature death, chronic bronchitis, respiratory hospital admissions and cardiovascular diseases are increasing at an extraordinarily r
Article Mexico City Residents Losing Sense Of Smell Losing one's sense of smell isn't as medically worrisome as shortness of breath and aggravated heart conditions. But it's another indication of the diminished quality of life that can come from conges
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Article A Study Estimates 95 Out Of 10,000 Deaths Are Due To High PM10 Levels In The Kathmandu Valley. In the paper "Estimation of number of deaths associated with exposure to excess ambient PM10 air pollution," an estimation has been made about the mortality rate associated and attributable to excess
Article Air Pollution Causing Serious Public Health Hazard in Hong Kong and Also In Kabul, Afganistan Air pollution in Kabul may be hastening the death of over 3,000 people every year. In Hong Kong it has caused more than 6,100 premature deaths.
Article BANGLADESH: Air pollution choking Dhaka Extract taken from IRIN, 3 April 2009: DHAKA - Thousands of people in Bangladesh's capital, Dhaka, are dying prematurely because of air pollution, say health experts.
Article Better Air Quality 2008: A Review The Better Air Quality 2008 ( http://www.baq2008.org/about BAQ 2008 ) workshop was held in Bangkok, Thailand on 12 -14 November 2008.This year’s theme was “Air Quality and Climate Change: scaling
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