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Article UNEP Releases Papers on Bioenergy Sustainability The UNEP has published a series of four issue papers on bioenergy sustainability.
Article 'A Renewable World: Energy, Ecology, Equality', a free book responding to our climatic predicament "Here’s the book we’ve been waiting for, a thorough, up-to-date, and above all proportionate response to our climatic predicament." It seeks to clarify what can be done, and how we can all benefit
Article Communications Officer - vacancy with GVEP International Global Village Energy Partnership (GVEP) International is looking to recruit a full time bilingual Communications Officer to support its communications team and the francophone programme.
Article Drop In Energy Investment Will Keep 1.6 Billion People Without Electricity In the coming years, the IEA says it "will have far-reaching and, depending on how governments respond, potentially grave effects on energy security, climate change & energy poverty."
Article Energy and human health This article reviews the health impacts of each major source of energy, focusing on those with major implications for the burden of disease globally.
Article Energy crisis in Uganda: Charcoal no longer a cheaper option Gerald Tenywa writes on how the masses are coping."Most Kampala residents have shifted from using electricity to charcoal, previously regarded as a cheap source of energy for the poor. But the charcoa
Article Energy delivery models that work for people living in poverty For energy access to make a real difference to the lives of men and women living in poverty, ‘delivery models’ for energy services must be adapted to different local contexts, rather than adopting
Article Energy for Sustainable Development Online Course at Lund University, Sweden The International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE) at Lund University, Sweden, is delivering a new session of an online course in the field of Energy for Sustainable Developmen
Article Executive Director vacancy at Potential Energy, Inc. To support our vision to dramatically increase access to safe and clean energy technology, Potential Energy seeks an entrepreneurial and resourceful Executive Director to be based at its office in Ber
Article First of its kind carbon finance loan fund launched to spur clean cookstove and fuel market Three of the most influential organisations in the global clean cookstove market have announced the creation of the Clean Cooking Loan Fund which will help leverage private sector finance to scale-up
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