With Vietnam’s “Year of the Snake” celebrations still lingering, Gold Standard’s announcement is received as a great inspiration for the Vietnam Biogas Programme to welcome 2013, a special year that marks the program’s 10th anniversary.

It was officially decided that 510,952 GS-VER (Gold Standard Voluntary Emissions Reduction) credits will be issued to the Biogas Programme following the monitoring process that took place from 28 June 2010 to 31 December 2011. This represents 510,952 tCO2 equivalent emissions (151,051 tCO2 in 2010 and 359,901 tCO2 in 2011) that have been avoided in Vietnam as a result of the Program.

SNV Netherlands Development Organisation and Vietnam’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) initiated the National Biogas Programme in 2003 with financial support from the Government of the Netherlands. The Programme aims to provide a solution which turns Vietnam’s waste problem into a sustainable source of energy for rural farming families. The Programme has so far installed more than 130,000 biogas plants, benefitting more than 650,000 rural people and providing them with clean, sustainable and affordable energy solutions.

By using mainly pig manure to produce biogas which is used for cooking, lighting and other, income-generating, activities, households avoid, on average, five tons of CO2 emissions a year through the replacement of traditional fossil fuels and firewood. At this moment the Programme is reducing Vietnam’s carbon emissions by more than 350,000 tCO2 equivalent per year, while it creates thousands of jobs and improves living conditions for hundreds of thousands of Vietnam’s rural poor.

In the opinion of Dr. Hoang Kim Giao, Director of Department of Livestock Production under MARD and director of the Programme, “It is estimated that there are more than 2 million farming households in Vietnam, which directly indicates the potential demand. The Carbon Credits provide a great opportunity for the Biogas Programme and SNV to continue their cooperation, to scale up further and to triple or even quadruple the number of beneficiaries of domestic biogas technology”.

The Biogas Programme and SNV have partnered with Nexus-Carbon for Development, a nonprofit cooperative of project developers, to develop and commercialize Gold Standard certified carbon credits". “It is very exciting that the Vietnam Biogas Programme has achieved Gold Standard verification, as this shows the quality of the project. This issuance shows to other biogas carbon projects that carbon markets can support the dissemination of this life-improving and sustainable technology,” claimed Eric Buysman, Carbon Consultant for Nexus, who closely worked together with the Vietnam team for over 1,5 year to reach this day of celebration.

Dagmar Zwebe, SNV Advisor to the Biogas Programme agreed, saying, “It has been a long and not always easy process to reach the point where we are today. It is great that the Programme has finally been officially acknowledged by the Gold Standard with impressive figures that demonstrate what kind of impact this Vietnam–Netherlands cooperation has on Vietnam’s environment and on the rural farmers.”

Since the Biogas Programme registration for Gold Standard in November 2012, a number of potential buyers, including French region Midi-Pyrénées, have already committed to purchasing carbon credits from the Program as compensation for carbon emissions.

The Vietnam Biogas Programme now welcomes other parties who are interested in purchasing credits from a programme that has substantial environmental and social impact. The sales of these credits will potentially result in long-term funding for Biogas Market Development in Vietnam.

For more information please contact:

Ms. Nguyen Thi Minh Nguyet, nguyetntm at biogas.org.vn and/or Ms. Dagmar Zwebe dzwebe at snvworld.org.

For more information on carbon credits sales, please contact Raphaele Deau, r.deau at nexus-c4d.org