French consulting firm ENEA recently visited BBOXX's franchise operations in Uganda to conduct an impact assessment on how its customers were benefitting from its products.

The team visited a range of customers situated in the north-east of Kampala (Jinja, Mbale and Lira), and in the west of the country (Masaka). In each area, interviews were conducted with the local retailer and a panel of end-customers, who were most of the time situated in remote rural places, in off-grid villages or isolated houses.

The results (click here to download report) clearly demonstrated the impact BBOXX products were having on the quality of life of end customers; over 90% of customers were using kerosene lanterns before switching to the BB5-17 range, with all customers using the products for powering BBOXX's low power TV’s, radios, mobile phones and range of LED lights.

All customers extended the number of hours they were able to operate in the evening, with many taking advantage of this to run small retail or other businesses in their local area. On average, it took customers just 7 months to repay the product through savings from the purchase of kerosene and other energy products (US$16/month), and the additional income generated (around US$50/month) increased productivity and the ability to open new businesses.