Azuri Technologies Africa
Pay as you go solar products

Biomasse Mali
Selling charcoal and briquettes produced from agricultural waste

Cookswell Jikos Africa
Selling improved cookstoves, ovens and kilns

Dreamlight Solid Waste Management Ethiopia
A waste management company producing biogas and briquettes

Friends of Women's World Banking India
Facilitating access to solar lanterns through low-cost financing

Impact Carbon Africa
Supporting stove distributors with carbon finance.

MicroEnergy Credits Mongolia/other countries
Micro finance and carbon credits for energy products

Natural Balance South Africa
Selling heat-retaining cooking bags

OMC Power India
Micropower plants for villages and telecoms in rural India

Re:char Kenya
Selling biochar kilns in Kenya

The Paradigm Project Africa
Selling improved cookstoves

SolarAid UK/Africa
Selling solar lanterns in East Africa

Vortex Engineering India
Providing low-power ATMs in rural India

Improving charcoal stoves in Africa

Next steps

Finalists will be announced in May 2013; Awards will be made on 20 June 2013.

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