MEH Industries is a Haitian enterprise founded 30 years ago specializing in the manufacture and retail of paper products, textiles and beverages in Haiti. MEH is also the owner of Central Dessaline sugar mill in Les Cayes, Haiti. MEH Industries will rehabilitate the existing sugar mill, which closed in 1996, to create a state-of-the-art scalable bioethanol distillery and biorefinery which will reinvigorate agricultural markets and bring employment back to the Southern Department. The new plant will produce ethanol fuel for the local cookstove market and co-generate electricity using biomass and biogas. MEH has already begun agricultural trials with local agronomists to assess the viability of several different feedstocks.

GIVE Eco Energy’s mission is to develop non food-competitive agricultural, industrial, and municipal waste projects to create biofuels and bioelectricity which are sustainable and highly efficient. GIVE provides green ethanol plants to meet local needs and improve the environment by offsetting the negative effects of deforestation due to unsustainable practices. GIVE is committed to using its expertise to provide green energy solutions to help grow Haiti’s infrastructure and energy sector. Project partners are making strides to commission this groundbreaking project and provide the Haitian population with clean bioethanol fuel and efficient cookstoves in 2013.

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