Envirofit is offering $500,000 of working capital, subsidy financing, and/or programmatic support for cookstove sales, marketing, and distribution to be shared among qualified distribution partners.

Envirofit has established multiple Carbon Programs of Activities (PoAs) across Africa and is looking for qualified distributors capable of managing one or multiple Clean Development Mechanism Program Activities (CDM) under Envirofit. Organizations should have in-country experience establishing sustainable enterprises with consumer products and the capacity to commit to at least 1 CPA per year and sell a minimum of 10,000-15,000 cookstoves.

The deadline for Submission is: November 21st, 2012

For more information about the RFP and to download the application form please visit our website or click here.

The proposal should be submitted to Africa-RFP@Envirofit.org no later than November 21, 2012. You will receive confirmation of your submission within 24 hours. Information submitted under this RFP will be considered confidential and will not be used for any other purposes.

For questions about the RFP please contact Jessica Alderman via email at: jessica.alderman@envirofit.org.

We look forward to reviewing your proposals and thank you for your support.


The Envirofit Team

About Envirofit

Envirofit International was established in 2003 to develop well-engineered technology solutions to improve the human condition on a global scale, with a primary emphasis on applications in the developing world. Our vision is a world in which people living at the base of the economic pyramid can enjoy durable, affordable, aspirational, well-engineered technology products that offer economic payback incentives, while improving health and the environment. For more information about our products and service please visit our website at www.envirofit.org