Production rate of biogas plants increased

In the first half of 2012, more than 46,000 biogas plants were installed in various countries in Asia and Africa supported by SNV and partners.

Thus far, the countries supported by SNV have installed a total more than 475,000 plants.

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International workshop on domestic biogas in Asia

Asia is the centre of domestic biogas development, with the People’s Republic of China having installed more than 42 million units (by the end of 2011) and India about 4.4 million units (by the end of March 2011) based on strong government support.

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SNV and FAO release Myanmar biogas feasibility study

In rural areas of Myanmar, over 90% of the people depend on biomass fuels, like firewood, for cooking. Women and children especially are exposed to harmful fumes in their kitchens when cooking with these fuels. The costs of biomass fuels or the time spend on fuel collection are becoming a substantial burden. More than 80% of the rural population does not have access to electricity.

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Rwanda: charging your phone with cow dung

When one thinks of animal dung, one usually thinks: messy. Dutch research institute TNO has developed a prototype of a socket that turns biogas heat into electricity. Together with SNV and BoP Innovation Center, students at Delft University of Technology visited Rwanda for TNO to test this new prototype in people's homes. Who could have ever imagined, that one day mobile phones would be charged with cow dung?

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ISO certificate for Bangladesh biogas

The SNV-supported National Domestic Biogas and Manure Programme (NDBMP) of Bangladesh has achieved a milestone in the journey of quality.

It has received an ISO 9001:2008 certificate reflecting the programme's commitment to quality services.

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Renewed online Renewable Energy library launched

SNV’s online Renewable Energy publications library has been redesigned. The library hosts a wide-range of publications related to the renewable energy sub-sectors SNV supports: domestic biogas, biofuels and improved water mills.

The library allows easy filtering to find your desired publication via sub-sectors, subjects, geographically per continent and/or country and types of publications. Each publication contains a brief summary and document details, which can be viewed before downloading a document.

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Knowledge networking of domestic biogas in Asia

"Anyone without sufficient technical or biogas experience must take this training at day one of his/her work in the biogas sector," says Agi Safitri, working for the Indonesia Domestic Biogas Programme in Jakarta, Indonesia.

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Pakistan Domestic Biogas Programme newsletter released

In Pakistan, rural households often depend on fuel wood for domestic use such as cooking and lighting, therefore exhausting forests and damaging the environment. The households often lack access to modern sources of energy or they cannot afford it.

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The Arusha Tale

Mr. and Mrs. Seleman are a couple with three children. They are farmers living in Arusha, Tanzania. For a long time, they had been using firewood, charcoal, purchased gas, electricity and kerosene as sources of energy for their household.

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Biogas Programme for the Animal Husbandry Sector in Vietnam

Over 2011, more than 15,500 biogas units were installed in 48 provinces in Vietnam benefitting over 80,000 people with improved livelihoods and clean energy. Please watch the video to see a year of work summarised in a 14 minute video clip.

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Biodigester Programme wins first Energy for Life Award

The award was announced on 23rd December by Energy for Life, a three-year awareness raising campaign developed with the objective of promoting renewable energy as a tool towards poverty alleviation and sustainable development as to improve the quality of life in Europe and in developing countries.

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Innovative microcredits for Cambodian biogas users

A total of 5,800 households in 13 Cambodian provinces have benefited from biodigester loans amounting to USD 3 million with SNV's assistance. The microfinance institution PRASAC and the SNV-supported National Biodigester Programme (NBP) in Cambodia have been collaborating since 2007 to provide loans to households willing to invest in a biodigester.

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