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I am excited to share that Envirofit’s partner distribution is growing rapidly across the world and the demand for our high-quality energy efficient cookstoves has never been higher. Our partners are excelling and swiftly growing their businesses. As of this August, we have sold more than 400,000 stoves and expanded our production capacity across two continents. During my recent travels, I visited our new factory in Nairobi, Kenya, which is now operational and quickly scaling to large volume production to support all of our East Africa partner demands. This factory is creating new jobs and supporting local economies as we expand our reach across Africa.

One of our most exciting pieces of news is the fact that we are nearing the completion of our multiple carbon asset registrations across Sub-Saharan Africa. This will allow us to expand distribution in multiple countries and as a result we will be offering an RFP for distribution partner expansion in the coming weeks. Our carbon assets will also be available to other qualifying stove manufacturers.

On the product front we continue to increase our product line and are now in full production of the larger CH5200 charcoal stove, which will arrive in the field next month. Additionally, we are in the pre-production of a 100L Institutional Stove as well as a Forced Draft Stove designed to charge a cell phone and other electronic devices. This fall, we have plans to launch our freestanding Plancha stove in Honduras that will revolutionize the Plancha cookstove market. Check out our new fall product catalog for more details.

I also want to reinforce our commitment to our partner’s success, whether it is volume, price, or product customization, we are hard at work to meet all of your programmatic needs. The time is now. Join us and become a part of the industry-leading clean cookstove team across the world.

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Expanding Across Africa
Carbon Assests Program
New Factory in Kenya


New Office in Pune, India
Watershed Management Project

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Perfecting the Plancha Stove


Institutional Stove
Forced Draft Stove
Investing in Solar Lighting
New Director of Communications

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Carbon Programs Manager
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Director of Sales- Kenya/East Africa

In my recent journey across Africa to welcome new partners and meet with government officials, I was privileged to engage with many of our customers in Kenya. I was especially interested in meeting with families who purchased our charcoal stoves when they were first launched over a year ago. I was pleased to find that after 12–18 months of use, our stoves not only demonstrated continued high quality performance, but also drastically improved the quality of life for our customers.

The families I encountered loved their stoves and reported saving 50-60% in charcoal use on a daily basis. One family even told me they saved enough money on charcoal use alone that they were able to send their son to high school. It is moments like this that remind me how years of quality research in cookstove design and production make a difference for individuals and their families.

During my travels, I was busy meeting with government officials to finalize our carbon asset programs registrations. Soon we will be able to offer carbon financing to our partners and distributors throughout Sub-Saharan Africa. Stay tuned as we will be releasing an RFP in the next few weeks to promote the expansion efforts of our distribution partners.

As we reach toward our goal of expanding cookstove production across Africa, I was thrilled to meet with our new factory team in Kenya and observe the progress underway. I am now very proud to say that as of last month we officially opened our first factory in Africa and we are in the final stages of reaching full-scale production. This new facility located in Nairobi is helping to create more jobs locally and expedites both the production and transport of our products across all of Eastern Africa.

We currently distribute our cookstoves in 11 countries across Sub-Saharan Africa and plan to expand to 14 countries by the end of the year. As our expansion develops so will our regional manufacturing and we anticipate more local factories coming soon.

Envirofit India is expanding rapidly and recently opened a new office in Pune, Maharashtra to better reach consumers in northwest India. We are on the ground expanding our distribution partners across the country and recently collaborated with JSK India to retail our cookstoves across the states of Maharashtra, Goa, and Madhya Pradesh.

In March, the India team was recruited by the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development to participate in the Water Shed Management Project. Over the next year, 25,000 stoves will be distributed to rural families who live below the poverty line.

In Honduras, we are working closely with our partner Fundacion para el Desarrollo Integral se Honduras (FUNDEIH) to develop the world’s best performing Plancha Stove. With minimal installation efforts due to it’s free-standing, ‘brick-less’ design, our Plancha stove will offer a turnkey scalable solution for mass distribution across Honduras, while supporting carbon program viability which will enable rapid growth. Envirofit engineers are working tirelessly in the lab to streamline the Plancha design to create the most durable, fuel-efficient stove on the market. Our researchers and partners are busy in the field, gathering consumer feedback to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction.

This process ensures that the Plancha stove will be able to meet the demands required by a number of national level programs in the region. Building on the great work of FUNDIEH and our joint distribution model, families throughout Latin America will soon have an equal ability to enjoy a smoke-free home environment.

Based on strong interest from our partners across the globe, we are continuing to expand our cookstove line with the development of the institutional stove. Our research team is currently striving to test and build the most fuel-efficient stove design to fit a 100 liter pot which will revolutionize the high volume cooking industry. The institutional stove will make it possible for large families, community centers, schools, and small businesses such as restaurants to cook large quantities of food more quickly and with far less fuel in a smoke-free indoor environment. We will be launching our pilot program with our best in class institutional stove pre-production units this fall.

Pre-production is also underway for our Forced Draft Turbo Wood Cookstove. This stove will have the potential to convert heat from the burning fire into energy that powers a fan, which reduces emissions in the combustion chamber. Energy from the fire could also be used to charge electronic devises such as a cell phone.

In addition to our extensive line of Envirofit cookstoves, we are rapidly working to expand our suite of household products to include the latest in Envirofit Solar Lighting Technology. Our team is putting the finishing touches to the latest 5-watt indoor power system, which should be available before the end of year. This energy system will provide up to 11 hours of service to illuminate an entire room or office, making it possible to work, play, or charge-up devices such as cell phones at all hours of the day and night.

Finally, I am excited to welcome on board our new Director of Communications and Public Relations. With a diverse international background in communications, public policy, and public health, Jessica will be leading our branding and communications efforts across the globe. For any inquiries related to Envirofit’s communications, Jessica can be reached at Jessica.alderman at

This brief summary is only a snapshot of what we have been doing around the globe. Check out our website and view our new product catalog to see the impacts we are making to improve people’s lives.

On behalf of the Envirofit team, I want to show our appreciation for your support as we expand our products and services into uncharted territory to the populations around the globe that are the most in need. We also want to acknowledge the Shell Foundation for their continued support of our work.

Thank you to both our partners and supporters for delivering a real impact through your success.


Ron Bills

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