The African Renewable Energy Technology Platform (AFRETEP), together with the Joint Research Centre and Dr. Magi N Matinga from Malawi has designed this survey in both English and French to better understand AFRETEP's stakeholders' perspective on energy access in Africa.

With your expressed priorities we can make an analysis on the expert dialogue on the rural electrification issue in Africa: if there are any gaps in the expert discussion, if the different groups understand the core problem differently, or if they prefer different solutions. We can also derive factors that could help to identify barriers in the policy dialogue.

We will not identify the respondents; the results will be used anonymously. All we require is some background information to better analyze the results. We designed a pyramid in order to help you with your prioritisation, which you will find in the Excel file attached. The different columns of the pyramid represent different levels of agreement with the various statements. Please keep in mind that these preferences are relative. So even if you agree with most of the statements, you must make a relative order: I prefer statement X over Y so I put X into the column 'agree' and Y in 'neutral'. By the end, all the colored cells of the pyramid should be filled.

We would really appreciate if you could save the EXCEL file into your hard drive, fill it in and send it to before AUGUST 31st.

In case you prefer your comments to be anonymous, use the third sheet on the EXCEL file. All the filled questionnaires received, although sent by email, will be treated anonymously.

Download survey in English:

Download survey in French:

If you are interested to know more on the methodology used please follow the link: