BioLite is a funded startup that develops; manufactures and markets distributed energy solutions for off- grid communities around the world. Our first products are clean-burning, wood fueled cooking stoves capable of converting their own waste heat in to electricity to charge electronic devices. Our business serves two distinct markets, 1) developing world families living in energy poverty, and 2) outdoor enthusiasts seeking fuel-independent cooking and charging.

Developing World:
Half the planet still cooks on indoor open wood fires and the toxic smoke they emit kills nearly 2 million people every year, twice as many as malaria. Previous efforts to address indoor smoke with clean cookstoves have failed to achieve the smoke reductions necessary to protect health and have also failed to catalyze consumer demand due to minimal functionality beyond that of a traditional open fire.
Our HomeStove is capable of reducing indoor smoke by more than 90% while cutting fuel use in half. By providing our largely off-grid customers with the ability to charge cell phones and LED lights, our stoves create economic incentive for purchase and continued use, ensuring sustainable delivery of our health and environmental benefits.

Our CampStoveTM offers outdoor recreators a much needed, green alternative to petroleum cooking combining the speed and reliability of an advanced stove with the appeal of a traditional campfire. Using our revolutionary product, outdoor enthusiasts can cook meals using nothing but the underbrush and twigs they collect on their journey, eliminating the need to carry fuel and generating electrical power to charge cell phones, lights and other devices.


BioLite is looking for a clean-energy genius with solid fuels combustion experience to spearhead its core technology efforts. This is a unique opportunity to join a fast-moving startup with both a technical and creative environment in the heart of Brooklyn. If you have deep knowledge of applied sciences and engineering an area such as combustion, thermodynamics, fluids, and biomass or other clean energies, as well as general knowledge of everything-else-under-the-sun, you’re perfect. Further, if you are looking to work with a crack product development team that will help to ensure your technical investigations and collaborations see the light of day, we’re your company. You will have the opportunity to work on a range of products, inventions, and research programs funded by both our product stream and by grants from global NGO’s and sponsoring organisations.

  • Research and Development – Spearhead the research and development of applied technologies across product and technical programs.
  • Core Technologies – Identify, assess, analyze, and evolve individual technologies that can be applied to emerging and outdoor recreation markets in various areas including cooking, energy- access, lighting, and off-grid living.
  • Project Management – Plan and oversee timeline, budget for technology development projects and coordinate personnel. Manage select projects as a lead investigator.
  • Grant execution – Lead the procurement, execution, and completion of grant funded product and technology initiatives.
  • Operations and Infrastructure – Build and integrate the R&D capacity within the overall company. Collaborate with product development, operations, marketing, and business teams.
  • Personnel and Team – Recruit, hire, and mentor engineering, research, and technical staff.

  • 5-10 years leading technical development efforts and projects
  • Experience in combustion, clean energy, thermal systems, fluids, and electro-mechanics
  • Experience in consumer goods, outdoor recreation products, and emerging markets a plus
  • Demonstrated ability to develop technologies into real products
  • Experience in experimental design, scientific testing and analysis, and field research
  • General hands-on knowledge of scientific and experimental processes
  • Experience guiding technical personnel and teams
  • Enthusiastic and conversant in technology, design, and innovation
  • Exposure to trends in global technology research and development
  • Accountability, sense of humor, proactive nature and work ethic
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Self-managing and motivated; experience in a start-up environment a plus

  • 3D modeling, simulation and analysis (must include CFD)
  • Combustion chemistry and physics
  • Familiarity with electronics including power generation, DC power conversions and storage
  • Testing systems including analog and digital sensors, data acquisition and computational analysis
  • Materials, including high temp materials, coatings, and design for manufacture
  • Prototype fabrication including manual tools, rapid prototyping, and rapid manufacture

Please submit your resume, cover letter and portfolio to and include “R&D” in the subject line.
Company is not accepting candidates via recruiters.

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