Global Energy Security: The Way Forward

The Global Diplomatic Forum will launch its first annual Conference with energy security high on the agenda. The event will bring together governments, international experts, corporate organisations and NGOs from across the globe. Topics on the agenda include economics of energy security, geopolitics of energy, energy and social responsibility and renewable and alternative energy.


The future of global economic growth in the coming decade relies significantly on changes related to energy security. From geopolitics to environment, to economics of energy supplies; these factors will remain challenging in the way the global economy is moving and the way people around the world are living. Different energy mixes have emerged during the last 50 years but the challenge for each model remains the same: geopolitics, environment and economics.

According to the International Energy Agency, the number of people without access to electricity remains unacceptably high at 1.3 billion - around 20% of the world’s population. The growing geopolitical concerns and unstoppable growth of energy demand remain challenging in the way the global economy is moving and the way people are living. The Global Energy Security Conference - The Way Forward is an initiative from the Global Diplomatic Forum to gather different actors in the global energy security field. From producers, to consumers, from businesses, to NGOs - this initiative attempts to gather the different perspectives to discuss the way forward for energy security that accommodates the different concerns and look for a common ground for the future.

The Conference will examine energy production, consumption and price trends in various segments of the global market. We will consider how is the turmoil in global energy markets likely to affect the global economy? How will energy producers disagreeing agendas and interests impact investment opportunities across the globe? What is the effect of energy diplomacy, and what are its real motivations and long-term sustainability? How do energy policies impact growth and development across the globe? What key milestones should be achieved in the next 10 years?

Whilst worries over energy security might outwardly appear to differ for different countries or for different regions of the world, the Conference speakers and attendees will address what actions need to be taken to ensure a secure energy future.



The agenda for the two day programme can be downloaded here.

Who should attend?

The Conference will bring together over 350 attendees to discuss the major topics related to the Global Energy Security. Attendees will represent the following segments:
  • Ministers and government officials representing energy and economic affairs departments from across the globe
  • Ambassadors and economic councils
  • International energy experts and economists representing think tanks and research institutions
  • Representatives of international organisations
  • Representatives from key civil society stakeholders
  • Global shapers and media leaders
  • Corporate executives from leading organisations

To find out more on the speakers and to register, visit the conference website at