Access to reliable sources of clean and affordable energy has a profound impact on multiple aspects of human development, including reducing poverty and promoting economic growth. Innovative financing programs and policies are critical to helping developing countries to expand access to reliable and modern sources of clean energy. This webinar will cover:

  • Energy access and links to development, end-user finance for modern energy, productive uses for energy to support economic development, and enabling environments for project development and investment in clean energy
  • Approaches to investing services and capital in small and growing clean energy businesses in developing countries, including energy enterprise development, finance, and linkages with policy
  • Case studies describing how sustainable energy services were provided to underserved and poor communities via innovative financing.


Ellen Morris is the president and founder of Sustainable Energy Solutions, a professional services company that promotes the increased use and deployment of clean energy technologies and services as a means to support economic development and reduce poverty in developing countries. The focus is on energy access and links to development; end-user finance for modern energy; gender and energy; productive uses for energy to support economic development; and enabling environments for project development and investment in clean energy.

Dr. H Harish Hande is Managing Director of SELCO-India, which he co-founded with Neville Williams in 1995. Harish has pioneered access to rural solar electrification for below poverty line families through a combination of customized home lighting systems, innovative doorstep financing, and an understanding of the market needs of different user groups. The Schwab Foundation named Harish the Indian Social Entrepreneur of the Year 2007.

Philip LaRocco is the founder of E+Co, the leading practitioner of the enterprise-centered model of investing in energy enterprises in developing countries. He specializes in business planning for energy enterprise, projects and programs in developing countries. LaRocco has over thirty years of international experience, virtually all of it focused on the intersection of the public and private sectors.

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