MICROSOL's mission is to implement social carbon Programs (PoA) to support any institution (public or private) in its efforts to develop projects with high social and environmental impacts.

We are convinced that the solution is efficient and adaptable anywhere in the world if we follow three important issues:
  • Be local: 90% of our staff is located in the countries where the projects are implemented.
  • Be transversal: Lead social and anthropological studies in the countries where we develop activities.
  • Be inclusive: We build open structures where all institutions are welcome and where the essential principle is the transfer of knowledge and skills to / from our partners.

Our support enables project developers to:
  • Increase positive social impacts by promoting the most appropriate technologies.
  • Ensure long-term social and environmental impacts for final users.
  • In addition, Microsol helps to channel financial resources towards carbon market projects that induce more social benefits favoring a redistribution of economic as high as possible to those who drive these projects: project developers and appropriate technologies users.

Our vision is that carbon market revenues are directed to social projects as a priority, but also that these revenues strengthen successful local initiatives. We do not want that, for seeking a profit through carbon revenues, some inadequate technologies flood the local market and make the sustainable initiatives disappear, in order to contribute to both the improvement of living conditions of the poorest and the struggle against climate change. This can be done by providing appropriate technology projects around the world a window to the carbon market.

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