Working closely with partners in Brazil and elsewhere, IIED will host an information-sharing event on the 16 and 17 June. Fair ideas will open up a space for researchers and practitioners working for a greener, fairer world to add important knowledge, experience and momentum to the official summit.

Taking stock
In 1992, the original Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro ignited the search for solutions for a sustainable planet. Twenty years later, the world has changed. Economic power has shifted, corporate influence has grown and political will has faded. There is a real need to take stock of what we have learnt and to examine how this can be most usefully applied to new contexts.
At IIED we believe there are two key imperatives:
  1. to reduce global resource consumption in ways that include the world’s poor majority;
  2. to strengthen local accountability and agency, recognising that better livelihoods and environments critically depend on effective local governance and organisations.
Trade-offs and ‘win-wins’ in addressing these local and global priorities coherently are most often shaped through effective national level policy and practice.
Against this backdrop and over two days, Fair Ideas will address four broad themes:
  1. Shaping Sustainable Development Goals will point to practical ways in which the goals could work for specific countries and sectors.
  2. Urbanisation that improves lives will identify examples of good practice and share ideas for promoting wider change.
  3. Business models for sustainability will highlight examples that break the mould from a range of sectors, which can be replicated and learnt from.
  4. Transforming economic systems for people and planet will showcase experiences in transforming systems to both reduce ecological footprints and more equitably distribute benefits.

Join us
Fair ideas will provide equal space for practitioners, policymakers, activists, business representatives and researchers on what it will take to achieve significant change.

The two-day event will take place between the final preparatory negotiations and the summit itself. We will take its key conclusions into the summit itself, and follow-up discussions there.

The university is easily accessible from all parts of the city and has space for many simultaneous meetings and informal conversations. We expect more than 2000 people to take part over the 2 days. Around 20 organisations are already committed to supporting sessions at Fair ideas. These include the International Council for Mining and Metals, the International Institute for Sustainable Development, Development Alternatives, the DELiVER coalition, Costa Rican and Nepalese governments, the STEPS Centre, the Stockholm Resilience Centre, the Poverty Environment Partnership and the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies.

Some of our Brazilian partners will also host sessions in Portuguese to ensure that Fair ideas addresses issues of particular relevance to Brazil. Lead organisations include Instituto Ethos, Vitae Civilis and Fundação Amazonas Sustentável, as well as the PUC.

Register now
Fair ideas is open to, and free for, all participants. We do however ask you to register your interest in advance so that we can plan for the numbers of attendees. Register now

Fair ideas programme
Sessions on the 16th and 17th June for the three largest spaces at Fair ideas— the auditorium and two lecture theatres— can be found at: