Acknowledging the important role of biomass in de-carbonizing the global energy system and the readily available and cost effective potential for emissions reduction that could be achieved through the large deployment of sustainable biomass for electricity production, UN-Energy, in cooperation with the Global Bioenergy Partnership, IEA Bioenergy and other partners is organizing a Conference on Sustainable Biomass for Electricity to be held in Güssing, Austria on 2-4 May 2012.

The Conference will provide an opportunity for governments, international organizations and the private sector to share their respective experiences and to join their efforts towards a common understanding of sustainable biomass for electricity and practical ways to achieve this. Additionally, delegates and participants will be offered an Executive Seminar on Bioenergy sustainability assessment and a field trip presenting one of the most interesting Austrian experiences in terms of rapid development of a green economy: the Güssing experience.

The organizers are UN-Energy (UNIDO, FAO and UNEP), GBEP and IEA Bioenergy with the support of Dong Energy, Eskom, E.on and BioElectric Solutions.

The Sustainable Biomass for Electricity Conference aims to:

Discuss key issues in using biomass for electricity generation, with a particular focus on sustainability of production and utilization for power generation, including relevant target setting and mandatory industry standards;
Address sustainable bioelectricity potential for large scale application in emerging countries, including challenges and opportunities;
Discuss international systems for certification and verification for sustainable biomass production and promote discussion towards the development of an international sustainability monitoring and verification system for bioelectricity production;
Present and promote supply investment projects leading to the creation of more new jobs in the region. The Conference will offer the opportunity for a concrete discussion of potential bilateral and multilateral investment projects for the production of sustainable biomass;
Discuss key issues in financing and capacity building, including financial requirements for reaching a co-firing biomass target and issues pertaining to technology transfer and deployment in developing countries. Innovative business models and financial mechanisms will be also addressed;
Discuss the status of international cooperation on bioenergy and the role of international organizations, UN-Energy, the private sector and other stakeholders.
Launch the process towards the establishment of a Sustainable Biomass for Electricity Alliance of countries and companies that will commit to a Biomass for Electricity Charter, including co-firing targets by 2030. The Conference will bring together relevant international organizations and programs that provide technical assistance and policy advice in the area of sustainable biomass, energy access and sustainable development to discuss cooperation in support of such an Alliance.
Targeted participants in the Conference are utilities and government representatives, experts from regulatory agencies, key energy companies from both developed and developing countries; energy equipment suppliers, bioenergy experts and associations, donors, investors, professional associations, international organizations, and media.

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