Goma suffers from frequent and prolonged blackouts of up to 15 hours at a time, during which the whole town runs on expensive, noisy and polluting generators, where businesses can spend several hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month on fuel to run their systems. BBOXX has designed and sized a specific set of products to cater for this large market demand that is replicated in numerous cities and towns across Africa. In most cases the systems will pay for themselves within six to twelve months, based solely on reduced fuel costs.

These new additions to BBOXX’s product range complement our existing selection of solar kits designed to power lights, charge mobile phones and watch low power TV’s. BBOXX is leading the market sector in providing the widest range of products to cater for the electrification needs of a broad base of people across the developing world, from the lowest income customers to energy starved business and households.

BBOXX is a global provider of integrated technology, consulting and transformation services dedicated solely to the electrification markets in developing countries. We develop innovative business models and energy systems to provide “The Right Energy”
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