Practical Action Consulting, under the PISCES bioenergy research project, has launched an online Energy Delivery Model tool to provide practitioners with tailored information and advice on how to improve their specific energy delivery models to increase energy access, particularly for poor people in developing countries.

“There are a number of important aspects to delivering energy affordably and sustainably to households, including the initial resources, through to the various technologies, as well as the energy appliances being used. This tool provides energy practitioners with specific information about their project, based on lessons learnt from all over the world, both those that worked and those that didn’t.” explains Dr. Ewan Bloomfield of Practical Action Consulting, who has been involved in the tool’s development.

The tool highlights the compatibility of particular combinations of energy resources, maintenance plans, management structures and financing, and provides targeted advice that can help practitioners to overcome the barriers to scaling-up their projects to significantly increase energy access and reduce poverty.

To allow practitioners to better understand the most important factors that affect their project, the tool creates a customised market map which highlights the key market actors, as well as the services that can support them, and the external factors which may have a significant impact on a project’s success.

The Energy Delivery Model tool is designed to provide preliminary analysis for planners and designers of new energy access projects, as well as to improve existing ones. To use it and share the experiences of your energy delivery project, visit:

The examples within the tool document the options used by a number of well-known real life energy access projects, to allow energy planners to learn from the experiences of others. Users are encouraged to submit their own experiences, the successes as well as challenges they’ve faced, to build up a database of examples and share knowledge to overcome energy poverty around the world.

PISCES (Policy Innovation Systems for Clean Energy Security) is led by the African Centre for Technology Studies in Kenya, with partners in Sri Lanka, India, Tanzania and the UK. Through action research, it is contributing to innovation and providing new policy-relevant knowledge on bioenergy, leading to better practices and widening energy access to the rural poor in East Africa and South Asia. Practical Action Consulting East Africa, South Asia and UK are all part of PISCES; the Energy Research Programme Consortium funded by the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID). Visit

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