Three billion people in the world rely on wood and charcoal for their daily cooking, often burning it indoors on open fires or dangerous unimproved cookstoves. The World Health Organization estimates harmful cookstove smoke to be one of the top five threats to public health in poor, developing countries contributing to over 2 million deaths each year.

Improved cookstoves that are safer, emit less smoke, and use less fuel are in desperate demand but are not widely available. Current improved cookstove products targeted at this massive market are simply too expensive without substantial subsidies – making cookstove availability vulnerable to changes in funding streams. Tired of this status quo, two companies are collaborating to create a solution.

EcoZoom and EarthMatters are forming a partnership to develop, market and distribute a new line of efficient cookstoves that are locally manufactured and commercially viable without the need of grants, carbon subsidies or giveaways. These new stoves will be half the cost of comparable products without sacrificing on efficiency, durability or design attractiveness.

This may be a lofty goal, but EcoZoom and EarthMatters have extensive experience in critical aspects of the cookstove supply chain, which are being leveraged for this ”back-to-basics” model to reach emerging markets. EcoZoom brings the product development and manufacturing expertise needed to create the right product and manufacture it in the millions, and EarthMatters brings the distribution and marketing needed to get cookstoves to end users and create demand.

Don Feil, CEO EarthMatters said: “We are extremely excited with the prospects of this new venture with EcoZoom. We have experience working with other stove manufacturers and one of the key differences of how EcoZoom approaches their product development is that it is done in concert with the cooks. In essence, these new stoves will be designed by the market they are intended for, which is essential for high adoption rates.”

Ben West, CEO of EcoZoom said: “Prior to founding EarthMatters, Don Feil was the CEO of EnterpriseWorks, which essentially created the way stoves and other products could be successfully marketed and sold to lower income households in emerging markets. With this new collaboration we feel we can take what has been started to the next level, creating consumer-valued products that will be manufactured, distributed and sold by the local private sector.”

Design, production and piloting are already underway as EcoZoom and EarthMatters plan to distribute stoves in their first market later this year.

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About EcoZoom: EcoZoom is a social enterprise and certified B Corps with the mission of making cooking safe for people and the planet. EcoZoom offers high quality products at low prices, and a product improvement pipeline of next generation stoves that will keep people from switching back to open fire cooking. For more information, visit

About EarthMatters: EarthMatters is a global distributor and marketer of demanddriven products and services targeting lower income consumers in the world's emerging markets. EarthMatters identifies high-potential products then creates and supports strategic partnerships at every level of the supply chain to bring these products to markets around the world. For more information, visit