<i>By SE4All</i>

"Green Energy for a Billion Poor" sheds light on the inner workings of the economic and social innovations of Grameen Shakti, the sister company of the Nobel Prize winning Grameen Bank in Bangladesh. The author, Nancy Wimmer, is an entrepreneur, researcher and advisor to the World Council of Renewable Energy specializing in microfinance and rural electrification, who has been involved with the Grameen Bank since 1990 and with Grameen Shakti since its inception in 1996. She provides a deep insight into how Grameen Shakti created a winning model for a social rural business, allowing five million people benefit from light, electricity and additional income. “Green Energy for a Billion Poor” gives clues as to how Grameen Shakti’s successful venture was taken to scale and can be replicated. The book also features a foreword by Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus, Managing Director of the Grameen Bank since 1983 and member of the United Nations Foundation’s board.

"Green Energy for a Billion Poor2 is available for purchase here. For more information on the author, please visit: www.microsolar.com