<i>By IISED Reporting Services</i>

The report highlights the potential of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as key actors to potentially provide renewable energy investment support.

The paper, titled "CABURESA Project: Tanzania Country Report," examines Tanzania's national energy demand, its capacity for biomass-based cogeneration, small hydro potential and development, as well as the potential for, and development of, solar, wind and geothermal capacities. The report also delves into issues of energy efficiency, and highlights potential stakeholders in promoting renewable energy, including government, NGOs and energy marketing-related institutions.

The CABURESA project aims to strengthen existing and new SMEs, agro-industries, tourist entities and rural institutions, as well as to engage key stakeholders in pro-poor renewables development. The project promotes the use of biomass-based cogeneration, wind, solar, and small-scale hydro and energy efficiency in Eastern and Southern Africa.

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