<i>By Energy-L</i>

The Energy, Environment and Development Network for Africa (AFREPREN/FWD) has released a report titled "Capacity Building for Renewable Energy SMEs in Africa: Zambia Country Report," which explores the renewable energy industry in Zambia and identifies key stakeholders and opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

The report outlines the energy situation in Zambia and notes that SMEs could play a role to address the current situation of inadequate energy management in Zambia. Noting that renewable energy sources remain a limited part of the national energy supply, the report identifies other challenges to their uptake, such as: high initial capital cost, too few specialized technicians, low renewable energy technology awareness, lack of incentives to facilitate effective private-public partnership, and the lack of a comprehensive institutional frame work to promote renewable energy production and utilization. The report notes further opportunities for SMEs in small-scale hydropower, solar and wind power generation.

AFREPREN/FWD is a non-governmental organization based in Nairobi, Kenya, that aims to provide key renewable energy stakeholders with feasible technical, financing and policy options, information and skills for the delivery of affordable and cleaner energy services for the poor in Africa.

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