"Good practices and policy from Latin America, and exchange of experiences with other countries, on community-based adaptation to climate change in dry regions."

An ELLA Learning Alliance:
  • Brings together experts and interested individuals from Latin America, Africa and Asia to engage in a programme of exchange and learning
  • Promotes networking between individuals and organisations facing common development challenges
  • Works through an interactive platform, email updates, meetings in several countries and first-hand visits

Learning goal:
Participants gain knowledge of good practices in community-based adaptation (CBA) and the integration of practice into policy, improving understanding of how to integrate climate change considerations into development processes.

This Learning Alliance is designed for:
  • Development practitioners working with communities in semi-arid and arid regions
  • Ministries of Environment and Rural Development, municipal governments, local governments and regional development and technical assistance agencies
  • Public officials and judges working in the judiciary
  • Members of civil society organisations working on governance issues
  • Agricultural, social development and climate change research institutes
  • Water agencies and technology providers

Applications to join the Learning Alliance are particularly welcome from Latin America, sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.

Content of the Learning Alliance:
This Learning Alliance will consider how development policies and particular practices can improve the adaptive capacity of communities living in semi-arid and arid regions. It will start with an analysis of practical examples from Latin America, particularly drawing on the experience of the Brazilian North East. It will move on to consider examples provided by participants from Africa and South Asia. It will draw out significant success factors and barriers to development with the aim of achieving some consensus as to how CBA can be taken forward in different country contexts.

SSN (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) will lead and moderate the Learning Alliance:
The Learning Alliance on CBA in semi-arid and arid regions will be led and moderated by SSN, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. SSN is a network of different institutions focusing on climate change and social development. Within this network CentroClima and REDEH have come together in partnership to work on the ELLA project. CentroClima is a climate change and environmental research institution in the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, created by the Brazilian Ministry of Environment. REDEH is an NGO that promotes sustainable human development with conservation and environmental protection.

The Learning Alliance will be led and moderated by Martin Obermaier, a specialist researcher on adaptation. Technical content and experiences will be provided by Daniele Cesano, an expert practitioner in semi-arid Brazil. Martin and Daniele will be supported by the rest of the SSN team.

Deadline for applications:
Applications must be submitted by 9th March 2012

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