"Latin American lessons and good practices in promoting citizen oversight of public institutions to improve governance and services."

An ELLA Learning Alliance:
  • Brings together experts and interested individuals from Latin America, Africa and Asia to engage in a programme of exchange and learning
  • Promotes networking between individuals and organisations facing common development challenges
  • Works through an interactive platform, email updates, meetings in several countries and first-hand visits

Learning goal:
Participants will reflect and learn about ways to promote citizen participation, transparency, and access to information to improve accountability, reduce corruption, and advance social justice.

This Learning Alliance is designed for:
  • Government officials working in ministries, control agencies, and Ombudsman offices
  • Legislators in charge of enacting and adopting laws
  • Public officials and judges working in the judiciary
  • Members of civil society organisations working on governance issues
  • Donors and funders supporting governance and accountability in developing regions

Applications to join the Learning Alliance are particularly welcome from Latin America, sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.

Content of the Learning Alliance:
This Learning Alliance addresses how citizen oversight of public institutions improves overall governance. It centres on an analysis of the ways in which Latin American governments and civil society have promoted and used the right to information, transparency, and participation to improve accountability, reduce corruption, and advance social justice. Good practices and case studies from Latin America will be presented, analysed and reviewed by participants, who will also be invited to raise experiences and examples from their own countries. The aim will be to identify different ways in which citizen oversight of public institutions can be promoted to improve overall accountability in participants’ own context.

Fundar (Mexico City, Mexico) will lead and moderate the Learning Alliance:
The Learning Alliance on Citizen Oversight will be led and moderated by Fundar, Mexico City, Mexico. Fundar is a plural, independent institution, dedicated to influencing and monitoring policies and public institutions through applied research, constructive criticism, experimentation, and by forming links with actors from both civil society and government.

The Learning Alliance will be led by a group of three people. The moderator, Daniela Ramírez, is an expert in promoting peer exchange and learning. Two experts on access to information and transparency will work closely with the moderator and will provide the technical content and experiences of the Learning Alliance: Miguel Pulido, Executive Director of Fundar; and Diego de la Mora, Coordinator of the Budget and Public Policies Area within Fundar.

Deadline for applications:
Applications must be submitted by 9th March 2012

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