"Latin American experience offers interesting lessons and good practices in promoting socially just and environmentally sound investments in the extractive industries."

An ELLA Learning Alliance:
  • Brings together experts and interested individuals from Latin America, Africa and Asia to engage in a programme of exchange and learning
  • Promotes networking between individuals and organisations facing common development challenges
  • Works through an interactive platform, email updates, meetings in several countries and first-hand visits

Learning goal:
Participants gain knowledge on a range of Latin American policy experiences and practices that promote responsible investments in the extractive industries that can be applied in participants’ own country contexts.

This Learning Alliance is designed for:
  • Policy-makers and public officials in energy and mining, environment, and local government ministries
  • Members of civil society and donor communities promoting responsible extractive industry investment
  • People in extractive industry enterprises tasked with improving business practices
  • Researchers investigating these issues
Applications to join the Learning Alliance are particularly welcome from Latin America, sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.

Content of the Learning Alliance:
This Learning Alliance looks at the ways in which Latin American countries plan and implement extractive industry investments from a social, political and environmental perspective. It identifies good practices and lessons in environmental protection and mitigation, case examples of how social conflicts are managed, and fair approaches for the distribution of rents captured from the extractive industries.

Policy experiences and case studies from Latin America are presented and collectively analysed. Participants will be invited to review and discuss the information provided and to raise examples and issues from their own countries. The aim is to identify practical steps to improve social and environmental practices in the extractive industry sector, based on these live experiences.

GRADE (Lima, Peru) will lead and moderate the Learning Alliance:
The Learning Alliance on Extractive Industries will be led and moderated by GRADE, Lima, Peru. GRADE is a leading Latin American think tank, specialising in social and economic issues, with expertise in extractive industries management.

The GRADE team will be led by two main people. Gerardo Damonte will be the Learning Alliance Moderator. He is a Senior Researcher at GRADE and a specialist on the subject of extractive industries and on issues of rural society. Manuel Glave will lead on providing technical content for the Alliance. Manuel is a Senior Researcher at GRADE, and an expert on rural development and environmental economics.

Deadline for applications:
Applications must be submitted by 9th March 2012

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