In October 2011, a group of eight major European household energy organisations met in GIZ Headquarters, Eschborn, Germany, to discuss ways in which they could work together on areas of mutual interest, to achieve greater synergies and a greater impact on poverty reduction. One point that was made very clearly is that the group plans to represent ALL European organisations, not just the manageable group around the table.

As a first output, HEDON agreed to collate an overall statement and short case studies, initially from the European Group, but with a commitment (reflected in the title), to include others as information becomes available. Please take a look at the attached booklet, and if you would like to present your work in this ongoing document, please contact HEDON for a template.

Secondly, if you work in other parts of the globe (Africa, Latin America, Asia etc.), we would like to hear from you if you would like a similar publication compiled.

Click to read the compiled document.