<i>By Jonathan Enriquez Lacayanga</i>

Jonathan describes the new stove, including some of its features, and how to was created. You can view the stove profile here.

"The Vertical fed biomass cookstove was designed having its dimension carefully determined through experiment for better performance. The cookstove can run using small, twigs, small wood branches, corn cobs, wood chips and other dried plant biomass.

Some features and performance of the biomass cookstove that we developed at Bataan Peninsula State University, Philippines includes 28.9% heat utilisation efficiency, fuel consumption rate of 1.52kg/hr, 12.41 min to boil 2 liters of water, and easy starting that takes only 1.13 min (this is the time in which the first batch of fuel charged started burning).

The stove is basically vertical fed which lessens the charging of fuel from time to time. It is a one blow operation, meaning it does not require subsequent blowing to keep it burning. It is also equipped with chimney that can be extended allowing smoke and other particles to be eliminated out of the kitchen.

Since the pot or cookware is fitted to the stove pothole, lesser heat is being lost and the cook is less exposed to heat while the pot has lesser carbon stains.

It can be fabricated easily from wide ranges of materials available such as cement, clay, iron, metal sheets or just by making holes directly on the ground following the design dimension. We are promoting the cookstove because we wanted to share effort in mitigating climate change in our own little way."