<i>By Alessandra Moscadelli, GVEP International

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Like most people around the globe, East African citizens are feeling the pinch of the rising energy costs. As the debate on alternative and affordable energy solutions is gaining momentum, one of Kenya’s leading TV channels focussed its attention on the role of renewables in the fight against poverty and climate change.

This week, NTV Kenya has invited GVEP’s Africa Manager to talk about the contribution that local energy entrepreneurs make in easing Kenya’s pressing energy issue. In this one-on-one interview, James Wakaba emphasises that development initiatives, which stimulate local economies and support micro and small businesses to facilitate access to modern and affordable energy technologies, are indeed very effective.

In this live interview, Wakaba explains the rational for favouring renewable energy over traditional ‘dirty’ fuels, such as kerosene, which are becoming increasingly expensive and pose harmful risks.

“Oil prices continue to rise and people in East Africa pay a lot for lighting, cooking and heating. The same people can afford to purchase better solutions if they save them money, provided that these solutions are available on the market. This is precisely how GVEP works with energy businesses to expand their markets, increase their supply chain and offer their products and services at competitive prices,” explains Wakaba.

Watch more on the NTV Kenya interview below.

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