<i>By Alternative Energy Africa</i>

Nigeria’s National Information Technology Development Agency (Nitda) will soon see 40 rural information technology centers powered by PV manufactured locally. Nitda has established a 7.5-MW JV solar panel manufacturing plant in Abuja.

The Rural Information Technology Centers (RITCs) project, part of the country’s Millennium Development Goals (MGDs), is aimed at providing internet access across Nigeria. In July 2010, the federal government inaugurated the scheme with the Nitda and Chams Access Ltd. joining for a strategic business partnership. Under the agreement, Chams Access will manage the center for four years.

The Nigerian National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (Nasei) director-general Cleopas Angaye told OilPrice.com that by promoting solar power, rural communities would be afforded an increased standard of living. He said that the solar panel manufacturing plant would be useful for domestic needs like street lighting and water pumping.