For more information and to make your point about energy access, please visit the HEDON page or Practical Action's website.

<i>Press Release:</i>

Globally, 1.4 billion people have no electricity and 2.5 billion rely on traditional fuels like firewood to cook and heat their homes.

Smoke from cooking in the home kills more people than malaria; mostly women and children. This is one of the points that Practical Action is asking people to make.

The Make Your Point campaign asks people to show why they think energy access is important by choosing one of five coloured points. Together, people’s points create an array of colour which visually represents support for energy for all.

Helen Marsh, Lead Campaigner at Practical Action said: “We often take access to energy for granted in this part of the world and it’s easy to forget how much we rely on it for daily life and work. This campaign gets people to think about the importance of energy access for people in developing countries, and the vital role it plays in alleviating poverty.”

The aim of the campaign is to build interest ahead of the UN’s 2012 International Year of Sustainable Energy for All.

Central to the year is the Rio+20 Earth Summit where real progress on a global commitment to universal energy access by 2030 is expected. Achieving this goal would free billions of people from unnecessary daily struggles that limit their ability to escape poverty.