<i>By Matthew Matimbwi, Executive Secretary, TAREA</i>

TAREA has produced a film titled "Ufahamu Juu ya Teknolojia na Vifaa vya Umeme Nuru".

The film instructs viewers on what is appropriate Solar PV equipment, what is its potential and what are its limitaions. In making this film TAREA received financial support from SIDA through the Government of the Republic of Tanzania's Ministry of Energy and Minerals.

Tanzania's Solar PV Market has been invaded by the counterfeit and substandard Solar PV Products, most of which have been imported from Middle and East Asia. The prevalence of counterfeit and substandard Solar PV products in Tanzania has been a major obstacle in scaling up the use of Solar PV technology to improve rural electrification.

TAREA has also pursued other strategies such as training regulators and custom officials who control the quality of Solar PV Products that enter Tanzania and who can support supply chain interventions of counterfeit and substandard Solar PV products. Apart from the above mentioned strategies, TAREA has found that it is important to educate the end users on the potential, the limitations and on the quality Solar PV products.

The objective of the film is educate the end user of Solar PV Technology on:
1. The potentials and limitations of Solar PV Technology
2. The quality Solar PV equipment

TAREA has produced 2000 copies that will be distributed free of charge all over Tanzania.

TAREA has requested renewable energy actors to watch and further distribute our film. The film can be downloaded and further distributed free of charge.

<i>You can view the film here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ORi5H6ylNA

For more information on the project visit: http://tarea-tz.org/renewable-energy-news