<i>By IBN Live</i>

K T Ajayakumar keeps on improving what he knows best, ie experimenting with gadgets and appliances. Ajayan, who runs the Thankam Gas Service Centre at Aramkallu, Vazhayila, has now come up with a new gas stove which can be lit using both LPG and biogas.

"For this, I have not changed the structure of the LPG gas stove. Only that it has a special air hole arrangement so that it functions on biogas as well. It has two knobs- one for LPG and the other for biogas," says Ajayan.

A half-inch hole is made at the end of the stove burner and the biogas pipe is connected from the valve to the burner. While LPG needs an air hole, it is not needed for biogas. Also, the stove comes with a separate burner top - with 4 mm holes- for the biogas. No change has been made in the case of LPG pipe.

"I consider this as a great achievement. It would be handy in the case of households which have space constraints," Ajayan says. And he is ready to make the stove on demand. "They need to shell out just 460 for the same," he says.

This highly enthusiastic 33-year-old has made numerous inventions over the last few years. In fact, this stove is his sixth invention. He had started off with a granite stove, then came up with a bio-heater, then a high pressure stove which saves gas. He even developed a system which would avert train mishaps. "Whenever I get time, I experiment with whatever I come across," says Ajayan.