Objectives, outputs and participants:
Building on the outcome of the 2010 workshop in Cambodia, this workshop has two specific objectives:
  • To prepare for the transformation of national biogas programmes to commercial biogas sectors during the period to 2016. Expected output is an outline of a sector development plan by country (for China and India limited to innovative approaches), including pro-poor commercialisation strategy, local ownership and resource mobilisation;
  • To present and discuss the Asian Rural Biogas Facility as developed by KfW and ADB based on various studies. Expected output is a set of observations and recommendations from the country delegations to KfW and ADB.
A total of 120 persons are expected to participate in the workshop, consisting of selected delegations from 15 countries in Asia (in total 50 persons), of representatives from ADB and other potential external financers (20 persons) and of stakeholders from the Indonesia Domestic Biogas Programme (50 persons, on the 2nd day only).

Date, venue, language, organisation and funding:
The workshop will be conducted from 22 to 24 November, 2011 in Bandung, Indonesia. English will be the language; no translation facilities will be made available. The event will be organised by SNV and Hivos/Indonesia Domestic Biogas Programme and funded by the ADB/E4ALL, Hivos and SNV.

Participation, registration, and sponsoring:
The workshop is open to all interested stakeholders without registration fee, but participation will not be subsidised and all related costs and arrangements (including for appropriate visas) must be borne by workshop attendees. SNV in cooperation with ADB will also invite a number of stakeholders to participate in the workshop on the basis of sponsorship.

For further information, to register or to discuss workshop sponsorship opportunities please contact SNV Renewable Energy Network Leader, Mr. Wim J. van Nes on wvannes at snvworld.org.

<i>Visit here for the full announcement including the tentative programme.</i>