5-day BEF Camp featuring hands-on experience plus theory and instruction on gasifiers of numerous types, but focusing on pyrolytic top-lit updraft (TLUD) technology for cookstoves.

Every BEF Camp has at least two “content leaders” certified by the BEF for presentation of its state-of-the-art core curriculum, ensuring substantial experience, dialog and cutting-edge challenges for all participants. BEF will be training and certifying in 2011 additional expert “content leaders” authorized to conduct as many official BEF Gasifier Stove Camps and BEF CHAB Camps as needed anywhere in the world.

Each BEF Camp has a local coordinator for facilities, materials and interaction for inclusion of special topics of interest to stove and CHAB enthusiasts in that regional area. Each BEF Camp has sufficient differences and updates to merit repeat attendance.

BEF Camp sizes are limited to 15 to 30 participants (subject to change in special circumstances.) Costs/fees (including materials) are expected to be between US$250 and $500, depending on specific arrangements for each camp. (Excludes transportation, lodging, and most dinners.) BEF Camps may have sponsors that alter costs, content, and selection of participants.

For further information about BEF Gasifier Stove Camps or BEF CHAB Camps, please contact Dr. Paul S. Anderson Email: psanders at ilstu.edu (+1-309-452-7072) and Dr. Hugh S. McLaughlin Email: wastemin1 at verizon.net (+1-978-448-6414).

<i>For more information visit http://goo.gl/ZKKcP</i>