• A three days training including insights from experts and practical exercises
  • A training tailored to your needs, thanks to a thorough learning needs assessment
  • Maximum number of participants: 15

For Whom?
  • Development and environmental NGOs, and organisations working on household energy technologies
  • Environmental project developers
  • Businesses and other institutions seeking to interact with environmental markets.

Learning Objectives
  • Learn how to assess when carbon finance is a good option for your project
  • Identify the stages of the carbon project cycle and understand the implications in terms of finance and project design
  • Understand carbon project documentation, and the different methodologies
  • Learn about the commercialization of carbon credits

The training provides conceptual and practical understanding of the forces causing climate change, the global legal and institutional framework, and the dynamics of opportunities arising from carbon
markets. In particular, the training will detail the processes and challenges involved in obtaining carbon finance for emissions reduction projects, with a strong focus on projects in developing countries that not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but make tangible contributions to sustainable development as well. The training will equip participants with a solid and practical knowledge of carbon finance.

Day 1
Causes, Impacts and Responses to climate change
Carbon Accounting
Principles of Emissions Trading
Institutional framework
Day 2
The carbon project cycle
Day 3
In depth examination of Methodologies
Carbon trading

150 USD for Nexus members
1000 USD for other Organisations
This fee covers the training costs and lunches. Participants will cover their transport accommodation and dinner

Please contact Marion SANTINI by Sept 2, 2011. Seats limited.
m.santini@nexus‐c4d.org | +855 (0)78 40 50 74

<i>For more information visit the Nexus website, or view the event poster.</i>