Getruda is a 58 year old teacher from Ngudu in Kwiba district, Tanzania who after receiving business and technology training from GVEP International's Developing Energy Enterprises Project (DEEP) decided to expand her small cook stove business.

DEEP, co-funded by the EU and Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is a 5 year project that started in 2008 to nurture a sustainable and widespread industry of micro and small energy enterprises providing modern energy services and products to 1.8 million people in rural and per-urban areas in the East African countries of Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. With the support of GVEP, it aims to bring about clean development and poverty alleviation. Find out more about DEEP.

Since the start of this project, with encouragement and support from Getruda's business mentor, her sales have steadily increased. She is now preparing to open up a second outlet in the town and employ someone to help her continue to grow the business.

Salma Alhumani, also from Ngudu, cooks for a household of 12 people. She purchased a kuni mbili energy efficient cook stove from Getruda. Salma explains, ‘The stove is easy to use, it takes less time to cook and is portable’. Salma buys one bundle of firewood for 500 TZS ($0.32). Using her old stove one bundle would last for 1 day but using the kuni mbili stove one bundle will last for 3 days.

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