Kirk R. Smith, Patron and long standing supporter of HEDON, is aiming to create a web-based library of some of the classic household energy publications and reports from the days before the internet, up to about 1995. The focus in on those that are not (easily) available online or in digital form (PDF), on household combustion, cooking, stoves, air pollution, and closely relating topics.

For example, reports already set to be included are the three Baldwin reports (the Princeton/VITA book and 2 from OTA), Kirk Smith's own book, all the Eindhoven Woodstove Research Group reports, the special issues of the Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences, the original VITA testing protocols, the set of reports from the World Bank global review of improved stove programs, etc.

The goal is to do this in a way that enables easy access directly in web search engines.

<i>Do you know what else should go in this directory? Or even better, do you have PDFs of them? If you would like to submit ideas or reports please contact: chris at</i>