KfW say, "experiences taken from the programmatic CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) can help speed up the development of new mechanisms, such as NAMAs (Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions), and ease mobilizing the carbon market's financing power for international climate financing. How the Carbon Market can contribute as a foundation for advancing climate policies of developing countries is the focus of this study."

The report, titled 'How to Develop a NAMA by Scaling-Up Ongoing Programmatic CDM Activies on the Road from PoA (Programme of Activities) to NAMAs', was commissioned by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, and KfW Bankengruppe.

It looks at potential benefits of scaling-up a PoA to a NAMA, with case studies on energy efficiencies in Tunisia and India, domestic biogas development in Nepal, and drafts of pilot NAMAs.

<i>The full report can be found here http://goo.gl/SAVZu

And for more information on the report visit http://goo.gl/QAfD1</i>