REA set up this platform to host discussions and showcases on the challenges of rising energy demands and the actions needed to achieve a sustainable future for Africa. It is an networking event for industry leaders, investors, experts, policy-makers, scientists and researchers to discuss the innovations in the industry and to find suitable solutions for the existing challenges in the area.

They ultimately want to develop and execute alternative strategies and methods that aim to enlighten and educate the growing economies and populations worldwide on the sustainability of renewable energy resources.

REA say, "through the conference sessions and interactive exhibitions participants will gain first hand knowledge and experience from key decision makers and industry leaders. Participants will be a part of the development of renewable energy as well as benefiting from unique and unrivalled networking opportunities and attaining insight in, and understanding of, the key policy issues as well as to debate the policies."

We will keep you up to date with all happening from the conference and expo as they're released.

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