Practical Action Consulting created the guide for Oxfam and Christian Aid, who will use it to build the skills and knowledge of their staff and partners to deliver energy access projects for poverty reduction around the world. The software is freely and publicly available, and should be of interest to anyone who wants to know more about renewable energy in development.

The “Interactive Renewable Energy Toolkit” - or iRET - highlights the importance of energy in poor people’s lives, presents the range of renewable energy technologies for development, and provides practical guidelines for delivering a project.

The iRET is highly accessible; an engaging interface and the dynamic navigation of content make it easy and interesting to use. It features numerous short film and audio clips, showing successful renewable energy enterprises and programmes from around the world. Many of the videos feature winners of the prestigious Ashden Awards for Sustainable Energy.

The iRET contains leading resources, key web links, and best practice approaches, tools and technologies to help design effective energy access projects. It is not intended to be a prescriptive tool, but rather provides information and guidance that can be adapted to different contexts, which better reflects the need for locally relevant solutions on the ground.

The iRET is freely available as a CD ROM and for download from Practical Answers at Contact Practical Action Consulting for a copy of the CD ROM or for more information about our exciting energy work at

Drew Corbyn, Energy Consultant at Practical Action Consulting said: “Nothing like this interactive renewable energy toolkit currently exists. With Oxfam and Christian Aid we’ve put together a guide to renewable energy that we think is clear, compelling and eye-opening, and which gives users access to a huge range of authoritative sources of information. We hope that it will be informative but above all, inspiring”.

For further information, please contact Abbie Upton, Practical Action Media Officer, on 01926 634510 or 07714 205342.