London 16 June 2011-Winners of the world's most prestigious green energy awards - The Ashden Awards for Sustainable Energy- were announced at VIP ceremony in London addressed by Greg Barket, UK Government Minister for Climate Change on 16 June 2011.

Four international winners and a Gold Award winner were awarded £120,000 prize money to be spent on expanding their pioneering work in benefiting communities across the globe and saving thousands of tonnes of CO2 through the innovative use of clean energy technologies. Runners-up were awarded $6,000 in cash prizes.

The Prince of Wales, Patron of the Ashden Awards, who personally congratulated the international winners in a meeting earlier today, said: "The Ashden Awards show what it is possible to do now in saving resources and cutting emissions. They remind us how, as individuals, we can make a huge difference to the world in which we live. In a nutshell, they remind us that acting locally is, in fact acting globally."

The Ashden Awards showcase practical solutions to combat climate change and meet the energy needs of the poor., rewarding outstanding and innovative clean energy schemes across the developing world and in the UK. From the production of biomass pellets form crop waste to replace coal in India to the provision of solar-powered products to off-grid communities in Africa, this years winners prove that it is possible to meet the energy needs of the poor in a way that radically improves lives, drives economic growth, cuts CO2 emissions and saves lives.

Sarah Butler-Sloss, Founder Director of the Ashden Awards said: "Our dream is a world were access to clean, affordable electricity and fuel can be enjoyed by the poor, transforming living standards, reducing CO2 emissions and easing the pressure on our dwindling forests. The 2011 Ashden Award sinners are making this vision a reality, and their potential for expansion and replication is high. It is our sincere hope that others are inspired to enable their growth and follow their lead".

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