Professor Kirk Smith’s Research Group at the University of California, Berkeley School of Public Health has recently received funding through the US Centers for Disease Control to host training workshops covering topics related to cookstove research. These 1-2 week programs are scheduled to take place between June and August of 2011 at their field site in the western highlands of Guatemala.

They will be designed to provide support to groups with ongoing or planned field research related to cookstoves and, at least this first year, will not be able to accommodate participants who are not engaged in such efforts.

These workshops are meant to provide both theoretical training and hands-on field experience to participants. Depending on interest, they may be able to conduct parts of the training in Spanish. See attached announcements here and here.

To help understand how these workshops might be able to best meet the training and capacity building needs of the community, you are invited to participate in a 3-5 minute online survey related to the topics to be covered.


The survey should be completed no later than February 28th.

More details on the planned workshops will be announced in March.

Any questions please contact Nick Lam at: <a href=""></a>