The Organisation for Integrated Rural Development ORIRUDEV is a local NGO based in Bamenda Town, North West Region, Republic of Cameroon. They would like to scale-up their activities and set up a modern workshop to fabricate solar hardware (solar panels, power inverters), charge and recycle batteries. They would also like to be distributors of solar and hydro appliances in Cameroon but cannot meet their goals without assistance or partnership.

The organisation is currently promoting state-of-the-art renewable energy and energy efficiency technology in rural areas in the North West Region of Cameroon through fabrication, installation, operation, inspection and maintenance of renewable energy and low greenhouse gas emitting energy technologies in rural communities using locally available materials.

For more details contact:
Ngoh Dong Augustine <a href="">here</a>
The Delegate/Contact
P.O Box 312, Mankon-Bamenda
Republic of Cameroon

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