A rural based small scale organization is in a group of interested farmers now involved in jatropha curacas (over a thousand improved variety). In the hinterland jatropha grows wild. At this particular time of the season the wild variety is in heavy fruit (twice yearly) and some have already started ripening (when oil content is high).

Our projection is to build substantial quantities the excess of which has to be exported to any where biodiesel fuel is needed. It is for this reason and more that we request Boiling Point (being the custodian of bio energy promoters) to link us to partner-stake holders or any organization anywhere (Europe/ Africa) who can buy the pods after harvest, or alternatively extract the oil then export / sell the biodiesel.. We are interested in contacting people who have the logistics (Market and Enterprise development) as advised in BP issue No.58 of 2010.

If you are able to help, please could you send us more information and on how we can link to serious buyers who need the biodiesel from jatropha curacas.


Land mail address:
Lo-Sabata and Associates Ltd
P.O. Box 550191, KATETE
Eastern Province: Zambia
Email: <a href="mailto:sundaygeorgechilinda@yahoo.com">sundaygeorgechilinda@yahoo.com</a>