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Organisations of all kinds are increasingly using commercial 'Marketing' techniques and the language of business to increase the effectiveness of their efforts.Yet, based on the Boiling Point readers survey on marketing practices, carried out in April this year, in a staggering 20% of your organisations, marketing is not represented at all. The greatest marketing challenges faced by your organisations include a lack of awareness of your products by customers (52.6%), a charitable image which makes commercial approaches difficult (39.5%), low education levels and remoteness of your customers (39.5%), and a lack of marketing skills within your organisations (31.7%).

In this Issue:
We give you inspirational ideas on how to address these challenges and tools which you can adapt to your needs.
  • How The Shell Foundation shifted from a health-awareness campaign approach to a commercial, tourist-board approach to increase stove sales in their Room to Breathe Campaign in India, selling 400,000 stoves to date
  • The marketing and commercialisation strategy of GTZ which has lead to the sale of 70,000 Roumde stoves in Burkina Faso to date
  • Radical strategies of entrepreneurs and organisations supported by the IFC of the World Bank Group Lighting Africa Programme in bringing affordable, renewable lighting solutions in Africa* Restio Energy study the cost Vs. sales of different Marketing Strategies in promoting the StoveTec stove in rural South Africa
  • Interviews of Grameen Shakti, Envirofit and SolarAid and their views on Marketing
  • As always, a how-to market your products and services Toolkit and Helpline


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