ProBEC: Programme for Basic Energy and Conservation in Southern Africa Burning Issues: November / December 2009

ProBEC's Mission: "ProBEC promotes improved energy solutions through market development and policy support"

ProBEC's Vision for SADC: "Low-income household groups in SADC have improved access to sustainable and affordable energy"

ProBEC's corporate vision: "Regional and national structures sustainably manage ProBEC’s lead in basic energy solutions"

ProBEC Regional News

ProBEC holds 3rd annual Programme Steering Committee (PSC) meeting, ProBEC participates in FAO bio-energy workshop, New sector network energy in Africa founded.

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SeTAR Centre

People's Energy Network(PEN) launched

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ProBEC Mozambique

ProBEC to support drafting process of BEST, Bio-oils Study completed

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ProBEC Botswana

BPC Lesedi recruits agents for its products

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ProBEC Swaziland

User Acceptance verified on StoveTec, Stove retailers identified in Swaziland

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ProBEC Tanzania

ProBEC Tanzania conducts Baseline study for Green charcoal stove, training on HIV/AIDS held at ProBEC Office Tanzania

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