29 August 2009
09:00 to 18:00

The course will be held in six alternating the weekends, Saturday and Sunday, with 10 class-hours per day, from 09:00 to 18:00, totaling 120 hours / classroom presence.


Headquarters of FUNDUNESP
at the Avenida Rio Branco,
1210, Champs Elysées
São Paulo / SP.

Automation and Energy Management in Eficientização Great for Consumers

Clarifying the Eficientização Energy

Get a critical view to participate and contribute actively in the growing demand for energy savings, sustainability and rational use of energy resources;

Increase their ability to achieve expected financial results without compromising the comfort of the users using the tools of automation, management and information management utilities in your favor;

Interact effectively with the multidisciplinary teams responsible for the results of projects eficientização energy.

  • The fundamental concepts and terminology related to the subject;
  • What are the consumers of electric power utilities of an enterprise;
  • The factors critical to the success of the automation and management of utilities;
  • The benefits of integration with ERP software and information management.


The course aims to demystify concepts and terminology and, through a language understandable to non-engineers, the ways in which practitioners from the administrative, financial, accounting, marketing and IT can add value and contribute to strategic decisions for Eficientização Sales of Energy Utilities in their companies and their customers.

The course was designed to focus on the integration between the areas of expertise of these professionals and project teams, engineering and maintenance.
At the end of the course it is expected that participants gain an overview of integrated management and are prepared to evaluate and help in choosing the solutions that best meet their specific needs and develop a critical and creative on the subject to obtain results higher.
The project provides an effective interaction between the participants, emphasizing the use of teamwork and the tools of learning capable of responding adequately to the demands of business.

Period of Registration

Registration online: 01/07/09 to 21/08/09


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