CJP's 3rd Global Jatropha Hi-Tech Agricultural Training Programme (JWTP) in India from 21-25 July is all set to provide the most authoritative knowledge platform for Development of Sustainable Non-Food Jatropha and other Oil Crop Projects.

Talking on the forthcoming JatrophaWorld training July 2009, the Director Training Mr S.S. Mishra said: "Though we are working on many nonfood oil crops, our research and development is in final stage with respect of some perennial non-food oil crops that can grow well even with erratic and low rainfall, still giving assured returns is of great significance.

At JWTP 2009, there will be discussions about integration of bio-refineries with plantations. The experts will share about the challenges and potential of integrating refinery and plantation where the following issues will be in focus:
  • Strategies for expanding the scale of your Jatropha plantation.
  • Identifying the right site
  • Plantation ownership models, the cost and economics for Jatropha Plantations.
  • Storage and Logistics issues for Jatropha Seeds and Crude Jatropha Oil.
  • Refinery Location selection criterion for processing Jatropha.

JWTP 2009 will pinpoint the agronomy, technology and economics of Jatropha biofuel projects for participants business needs!

To join the course please contact:

Mr. S.S. Mishra
Director (Training Division)
Centre for Jatropha Promotion & Biodiesel
B-132, SAINIK BASTI, CHURU Rajasthan, INDIA-331001
TELE- (+91) 1562 255575, +91 141 2335839
FAX: (+91) 141 2335968
MOBILE- (+91) 9829423333,