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ProBEC in Mozambique
A monitoring and evaluation officer has been appointed, a verification exercise is being undertaken to verify stove sales and production figures, POCA stove gets a lick of paint following test market exercise, Institutional lion stoves built in Cadeacivil (a prison) in Maputo

ProBEC's latest research
New research you can download from the Technologies section of the website - a baseline study on cooking habits and a study on energy efficient behaviour in Botswana

ProBEC in Botswana
A baseline study determining consumer behaviour with regard to kitchen management and efficient cooking habits in Botswana has been completed

ProBEC Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)
M&E officers in Mozambique have undertaken a verification exercise to confirm stove production figures. These results will be presented in a Final Technical report currently being put together for Energising for Development (Endev) the funding body of Malawi, Zambia, Tanzania and Moambique.

ProBEC's Knowledge Management Strategy
Remote access for ProBEC's server running smoothly

ProBEC in Zambia
ProBEC held a meeting with tinsmiths and Ministry of Community Development officials in veiw of conductin traning on pulamusa production, ProBEC Zambia invited to exhibit at International Literacy Day Celebration, Tobacco producers linked with commercial banks.

ProBEC Lesotho
Carbon finance team to visit projects, chief invites ProBEC to demonstrate stoves, new Lesotho Foothills stove being tested

ProBEC Tanzania
Tanzania Ministry of Energy and Minerals holds Energy Sector review workshop, ProBEC participated in National Solar Day exhibition and in Bagamoyo International Arts Festival, training on production of Institutional and Household Rocket stoves in Iringa

ProBEC Malawi
UNICEF orderd stoves, builders trained for rocket barns, mobilisation campaign identifies farmers, tea company supports stove construction, and groups trained on stove production and klin firing

ProBEC Swaziland
ProBEC Swaziland holds its first NAG meeting, ProBEC National Coordinator as part of Swaziland Biofuels Drafting Team, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperative (MoAC) to liaise with ProBEC on Biofuel Plant “Jatropha”

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