Energy Efficient Lighting with CFL and TuBelights with Electronic Ballasts

Motivation is a key to success in today’s management. People are required to make understand that we are having shortage of electricity.

Consumers are to be motivated to increase use of Energy efficient lighting equipments and again minimize misuse of electricity. It is observed in markets that shopkeepers are using CFL in excess of their requirement.

Normal incandescent lamps consume more than 90% electricity for heating and 10% for illumination, so avoid it. For lights used more than 4 hours a day, use Compact Fluorescent lamps (CFL) or Energy Saving Lamps. Again Incandescent lamps have 1000-hour life & CFL have 6,000-15,000 hours life. Slim tube lights give better light and save electricity.

The measures which may be taken which may lead to quick implementation of Load management through energy efficient lighting.

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The author of this article, Shah Zulfiqar Haider, PEng is the First Registered Professional Engineer in REB/PBS, General Manager-Noakhali PBS with 26 years of Professional experience in Energy sector, TQM & Military Engineering Services. He is member of many International organizations. He has been to USA, China, Japan, India, Nepal etc on various professional visits.

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